Monday, January 31, 2011

Gingerbread - the trusted food of skiing the double blacks

Ok, so I didn't do any blacks but I learned how to ski this weekend.  I can usually pick up things pretty quickly and water-skiing was a piece of cake for me.  People kept telling me, "Oh it will be easy and you will get it right away."  So I was pretty confident to get it....boy was I wrong.  I think this blog should be called "Pizza" since I did that on my skis the majority of the time.

Brad and I drove to Gatlinburg, TN this past week for 4 days.  He completed his first semester (doing very well) and we wanted to get out of town.  So we arrived to Gatlinburg on wednesday night to find fresh snow on the ground.  The next morning we got up and drove to Ober Gatlinburg.  We got in our skis and then I thought we were going to the bunny slope as he took me up the ski lift, but found myself instantly on a green.  What on earth?  I couldn't even stop and had no idea what I was doing.  But I tumbled all the way down the  mountain as 4 year old were flying past me and screaming for me to get out of the way.  I got to the bottom and was upset that I couldn't do it and told him I wanted the bunny slopes.  Even that was super hard for me.....

At one point, I got so frustrated and he was being so patient with me.  He was great and tried to tell me how to do it but I was so frustrated that I.......well yes this is hard to confess for me.....I might have shed a few years.  But the sun was in my eyes and the snow was on my face too!  Ok, so I cried and laugh about it now.  But after 3 LONG hours of falling, tumbling, telling him how much I wanted to go home and eat a hamburger, I finally got it!  I actually made it down a green without falling!  Before that, I took a tumble into a ditch.....wipeout for sure and tumbled up a mountain (how do you do that again?)  One time I fell under the ski lift and a group of guys on the ski lift above me asked how the snow felt?  Then the girls behind them said they liked my pants and I said, "thank you and they look better covered in snow." 

So I recovered and went out the next day.  I thought I would NEVER EVER do a blue because it looked super hard.  But he managed to talk me into it and I made it down after a few tumbles and one time flying down the mountain backwards......ok, thank goodness we didn't have a camera.  I was flying down the mounatin backwards, screaming and laughing the entire way with my fingers in the snow trying to get myself to stop.  I could hear people yelling, "Just fall".  I finally fell and laughed so hard! 

So our first ski trip was success after I was about to quit.  I took Grandmother's Gingerbread and we had that for breakfast so it is now my breakfast of champions!  Until next year.....

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